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Free Mortgage Calculator

Using a mortgage calculator prior to obtaining a mortgage or starting a home search is a great idea! A good calculator can assist you in finding a home price you can afford. Just as you wouldn’t...

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Why did my loan change hands?

You have closed on the purchase of your home. You have moved all your belongings into the new house. You are sifting through the dozens of pieces of mail you’ve received from local companies then...

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NY Resolution: The Extra Payment

If your New Year’s resolution this 2017 was to work toward paying off some of your debt, here’s some food for thought: a mortgage is a huge investment, probably the largest one many of us will...

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Tips to a Lower Mortgage Payment

Feeling totally crushed under your mortgage payments is for the birds.

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Mortgage Math Explained

If math frighten you, as it does many people, don’t let it deter you from the goal of home ownership.

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