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Home Buyer Questions Answered

The process of buying a home can leave you with a lot of questions but what if you have questions before you even consider buying a home? You certainly aren’t alone. A lot of people find...

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New 2018 FHA Mortgage Limits

New 2018 FHA Mortgage Limits

As always, Stockton is trying to keep the real estate community informed of changes that could affect them or their buyers. A recent announcement from HUD will affect...

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The ABC’s Of Mortgages.

The ABC’s of Mortgages

Sometimes it can feel like those in the mortgage industry are speaking a different language! This can be intimidating. So, I’m sharing some key words… and not so key ones. I...

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Spring Homebuying Warm Up

Thinking about buying a home this spring? Here’s a few things you should know going into it.

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Mortgage Rates Lower, Applications Increase

According to CNBC, mortgage applications have risen as interest rates have eased off.

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Homebuying Affordability Increases

Thanks in part to income increases and lower mortgage rates, it’s more affordable to be a homeowner in most markets nationwide, according to an article on

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