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Low Mortgage Interest Rates… Am I Too Late?

I recently had a discussion with one of our VP’s at Stockton Mortgage. I made the comment, “I would but interest rates are super high.” His response was, “That’s the problem with your...
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Home Buyer Questions Answered

The process of buying a home can leave you with a lot of questions but what if you have questions before you even consider buying a home? You certainly aren’t alone. A lot of people find...

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Mortgage Rates Lower, Applications Increase

According to CNBC, mortgage applications have risen as interest rates have eased off.

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Rising Rates & Refinance

Although rates have been creeping upward - by exactly .25 percent after the Federal Reserve met December 14 - rates are still low.

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Financial Security in Homeownership

Fear of making the leap from renter to owner is normal – after all, purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial investments most people make in their lifetime. But did you know that...

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Mortgage First Time Home Buyers Mortgage Market homebuying mortgage rates

Homebuying Affordability Increases

Thanks in part to income increases and lower mortgage rates, it’s more affordable to be a homeowner in most markets nationwide, according to an article on

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