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Confidence in Homebuying

If having the confidence to take the first step toward homeownership seems like a distant dream, then you should wake up. Those who lack confidence in homebuying could be missing out on the...

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Mortgage escrow closing

Escrow 101

What is escrow? One of those interesting terms to cut your teeth on in the world of property acquisition – escrow is something you may need to familiarize yourself with as you approach buying your...

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Like & Lock: Rates This Week

With today’s mortgage rates, an article from the Mortgage Reports news desk is calling mortgage terms “likable and lockable”.

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Mortgage Acronyms 101

When you go to apply for a mortgage in the first step to becoming a home owner, you may feel like you’ve been dropped off into some remote land where the language is alien to you. You are not...

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The Skinny on Student Loans

Student loan debt is a hurdle facing many millennials as they become interested in becoming first-time homebuyers. But is it a hurdle that can’t be overcome? Here’s the skinny on student loan debt...

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Today’s Homebuyer

Thanks to an infographic based on a recent report from Chase Mortgage Banking, “Insights from the Mind of the Modern Homebuyer”, a sample of 1,014 adults in the U.S revealed some interesting...

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