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Getting Rid of Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) lowers the risk to the lender, should you defaulton your mortgage payments. Please note that PMI does not benefit you, the borrower, but instead protects the...

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Ask a Mortgage Banker: What Is a Refinance?

A refinance replaces your current loan with a new loan; that new loan pays off the debt of the old loan. So, you are trading your loan in for one with better terms. For example, if there is...

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Low Mortgage Interest Rates… Am I Too Late?

I recently had a discussion with one of our VP’s at Stockton Mortgage. I made the comment, “I would but interest rates are super high.” His response was, “That’s the problem with your...
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Is Refinancing Only For The Established?

Is Refinancing Only For The Established?

Refinance, that word sounds like it only belongs in stodgy, dark rooms filled with leather bound books or in a corporate conference room filled with...

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Rising Rates & Refinance

Although rates have been creeping upward - by exactly .25 percent after the Federal Reserve met December 14 - rates are still low.

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Tips to a Lower Mortgage Payment

Feeling totally crushed under your mortgage payments is for the birds.

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