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Fix up A Small Bedroom By Using Our 203k Loans!

Small bedrooms can be difficult to design because they have to be functional,...

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Simple to Stunning: Upgrade interior doors

In all my digging around the internet I stumbled upon what might be my favorite DIY...

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Just because your retired doesn’t mean it’s time to watch your wallpaper peel. By all means, relax and take the time you need to...

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By Morgan Saylor On October 25, 2016

Recruiting Renovators

Whether you’ve made plans to renovate your home or maybe you are refinancing or purchasing with a 203(k), recruiting a home...

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Tags: Renovate, Remodel, Interior Design,

By Morgan Saylor On July 7, 2016

Countertops 101

A kitchen remodel has many intricate parts: appliances, the back splash, cabinet pulls. There are many design elements to...

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Tags: Remodel, Kitchen, countertops,

It’s a cool look, but even the bravest of DIY-ers are hesitant to attempt concrete countertops. Lucky for us, a daring DIY-er has...

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