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Relationships are tricky. All of them. But the relationship of landlord and tenant can particularly be a tough one to navigate. A...

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By Kimberly Shane On December 19, 2018

Before You Sign a Lease

Shelter, it’s one of our necessities. We all learned that in elementary school, right? Air, water, food, and shelter; our basic...

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By Kimberly Shane On December 17, 2018

Pets: Rent v. Buy

Did you know that 68% of US households have a pet? However, only 55% of landlords, according to Avail, allow pets. This can...

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Transition from Renter to Owner

If you are currently renting an apartment or a home then you are aware of the increasing rental...

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My landlord is selling... now what?

While renting can have its perks… home maintenance is handled, you can move without having to...

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Why is my landlord the worst?

Who is your landlord? Is she the crazy cat lady in the apartment on the first floor? Is he a grumpy...

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