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Landlord Woes? The Best Solution

Relationships are tricky. All of them. But the relationship of landlord and tenant can particularly be a tough one to navigate. A landlord is concerned for their property, their investment, and...

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Before You Sign a Lease

Shelter, it’s one of our necessities. We all learned that in elementary school, right? Air, water, food, and shelter; our basic needs as humans but we are far from the days of living in caves or...

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Pets: Rent v. Buy

Did you know that 68% of US households have a pet? However, only 55% of landlords, according to Avail, allow pets. This can drastically decrease the number of rentals available to pet owners....

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Transition From Renter To Owner

Transition from Renter to Owner

If you are currently renting an apartment or a home then you are aware of the increasing rental costs. According to a Dan Anthony Barcelon, Americans spend 30% of...

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My landlord Is Selling... Now What?

My landlord is selling... now what?

While renting can have its perks… home maintenance is handled, you can move without having to try and sell a home… it certainly has some downfalls, as well. One...

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Why Is My Landlord The Worst?

Why is my landlord the worst?

Who is your landlord? Is she the crazy cat lady in the apartment on the first floor? Is he a grumpy old man? Is it a jovial, young entrepreneur? Is it a management...

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