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Before You Sign a Lease

Shelter, it’s one of our necessities. We all learned that in elementary school, right? Air, water, food, and shelter; our basic needs as humans but we are far from the days of living in caves or...

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Buying to Rent

Is the landlord life for you? The dream of many is to invest in homes, condos, and buildings to buy and rent out – making the most of your investment could be tricky.

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Rent Rise Stimulates Homebuying

One in four homebuyers seek to purchase a home because rent is too high, according to a survey.


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Rental Market

Rental Costs Finally Slow

After years of extreme inflation on the cost of rentals, the costs seems to finally be slowing – a little. While the cost of rent is still rising overall, the pace and percentage at which it is...

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Why You're Spending More on Rent

It’s not just you – American’s today are spending far more of their incomes on rent than ever before, according to a recent Washington Post article. The article details the drastic changes for...

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