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Buying to Rent

Is the landlord life for you? The dream of many is to invest in homes, condos, and buildings to buy and rent out – making the most of your investment could be tricky.

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Rent Rise Stimulates Homebuying

One in four homebuyers seek to purchase a home because rent is too high, according to a survey.


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Why You're Spending More on Rent

It’s not just you – American’s today are spending far more of their incomes on rent than ever before, according to a recent Washington Post article. The article details the drastic changes for...

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Rent Rises

THIRTY PERCENT – that’s the amount of your monthly income you can expect to pay for rent throughout the US currently. But it gets worse, in some historically higher markets, such as Los Angeles,...

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Cost of renting spikes, while mortgage rates dive

According to a recent study by Zillow, “rental affordability is as bad as it’s ever been.” The Zillow study looked at top metro areas and analyzed the percentage of monthly income that the...

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Time to Buy – Here's Why


The National Housing Survey hit two all-time high numbers recently: individuals expecting improvement of their financial situation in 2015 jumped to 48%, while those reporting a significantly...

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