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We help people buy houses so they can create a home. Here we share more than mortgage finance tips (although we do that too); we aim to help you make your house a home through DIY projects, pet care, hosting tips, yard maintenance and much more!

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Maybe some buyers think, with a new home, comes a new life. At least that seems to be the case when it comes to some of the...

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By Kimberly Shane On June 27, 2017

Zip Your Lip!

Zip Your Lip!

I have a bad habit of talking to talk, just something to fill the silence. I’ve realized that sharing every...

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Most of the time, you never consider your neighbor as one of your biggest selling points when you decide to sell your home –...

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By Morgan Saylor On February 22, 2017

Signs a Seller May Bargain

There are tell-tale signs you must look for as a buyer when you’re house shopping to know when a seller may be ready to...

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By Morgan Saylor On January 18, 2017

Selling in Winter

Homes are totally sellable in winter. In fact, if someone is looking to buy your home in the winter months, they’re probably...

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By Morgan Saylor On November 16, 2016

Reasons to Buy in Winter

While we’re not quite there yet, winter is on its way, and the holiday season is upon us. It’s definitely not the most popular...

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