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By Morgan Saylor On October 18, 2016

Tech Color Trends

The smart home era is upon us, and along with the trendiness of the tech is the color of the devices themselves – which are now...

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Tags: Home, Color, Trendy,

By Morgan Saylor On July 27, 2016

Robot Furniture

We are standing on the dawn of an age of new with robot furniture! If you’re having difficulty maneuvering a small space, and...

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Tags: Design, Fun, Interior Design,

Once the subject of sci-fi movies, smart features in homes are a thing of now. A few days ago we highlighted some cool new tech...

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Tags: Home, tech, technology,

We are super excited that we live in an age where apps exist to make our lives easier! Tech developers are on the ball with...

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Tags: Home Maintenance, paint, renovation,

By Morgan Saylor On May 20, 2016

ECO Home Tech

It’s an exciting time to be a tech-junkie and also aware of your environment.

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