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By Morgan Saylor On November 4, 2016

Chic Sitting Spaces

Too much time in media rooms can have a less-than-relaxing effect on our minds and bodies. When is the last time you curled up...

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By Morgan Saylor On October 18, 2016

Tech Color Trends

The smart home era is upon us, and along with the trendiness of the tech is the color of the devices themselves – which are now...

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Market trends for home prices and similar data seem to surface from all areas of the globe, many of which paint varying pictures.

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By Morgan Saylor On September 21, 2016

Greige: The New Grey

Color trends can be hard to keep up with, and sometimes you’re still in love with the last color when the new trend roles in and,...

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The prediction for mortgage rates and where they will go next (up, down, or remain low) is uncertain, according to economists...

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Family tradition of homeownership can influence future generations of home owners, according to a study by Trulia.

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