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Simple to Stunning: Bold Walls

I have oddly fallen in love with wallpaper. It feels a little like a forbidden love. I grew up in...

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Tags: DIY, Wall art, Home Decor,

Millennial Pink… It’s a Thing!

Over the course of the last month I’ve heard the term “Millennial Pink” used in a variety of...

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Tags: Design, Color, Interior Design,

By Morgan Saylor On March 9, 2017

Feng Shui Color Guide

If you’ve recently bought a home and you’re deliberating on paint colors – after you’ve consulted our Interior Design guide, of...

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Tags: Home, Color, Interior Design,

Happy people have a few things in common, studies have found – some of these things transcend to their similarities within their...

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Tags: wall color, walls, house,

By Morgan Saylor On December 14, 2016

COTY: Going Green

Every year, Pantone declares a “Color of the Year” – a hue on which the design community may hang its hat. For 2017 its Pantone...

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Tags: Design, Color, Interior Design,

By Morgan Saylor On October 19, 2016

Home Selling Senses

Our senses are an amazing tool for how we experience the world. Don’t neglect to appeal to buyers senses when prepping your home...

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