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Wall art is essential to making your new home feel…well, homey! But it can be expensive. Check out this not-so-expensive recipe...

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Happy people have a few things in common, studies have found – some of these things transcend to their similarities within their...

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By Morgan Saylor On January 12, 2017

The Blank Wall

You may have one in your house, lurking in your living room, or looming in the hall – the big, blank wall with nothing on it....

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By Morgan Saylor On January 6, 2017

DIY Triangle Wall

For my first DIY project this year, I wanted to add some visual interest to my 2-year-old’s bedroom. I fell in love with this...

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By Morgan Saylor On October 6, 2016

DIY Rustic Wall Ruler

Your kids will certainly grow, but you may not always be in the same house as they make their journey into young adulthood. The...

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While paint is sometimes preferred, it can be kind of boring when you want to incorporate lots of colors into a room, which...

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