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By Kimberly Shane On May 30, 2017

Water Safety

Water Safety

Sure, you change your air filter. Heck! Air filters, for our cars, have been added to the check list for most of our...

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By Morgan Saylor On September 2, 2016

Water Damage Control

Water damage is a huge deal if you’re a homeowner, and contending with it can be costly.

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Tags: safety, water, water damage,

By Morgan Saylor On September 1, 2016

Heed Heat & Humidity

If you haven’t been hit with it already, it’s because you haven’t stepped outside. The heat and humidity are here, and before a...

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Tags: organize, Cleaning, Mold,

By Morgan Saylor On June 17, 2016

ECO: Water Waste

The question occurs to you now and again: am I wasting too much water? The supply of clean, usable water is decreasing faster...

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Tags: Green Living, Go Green, water,

By Morgan Saylor On April 20, 2016

Rain Barrels & Why

Keeping a lush, manicured garden is a must for any home, whether you’re into planting in pots or sowing seeds of wild flower and...

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Tags: Green Living, Green Thumb, Gardening,

By Morgan Saylor On March 18, 2016

Water Heaters 101

If you’re buying a home or looking to make some energy efficient upgrades (which we’ve mentioned earlier this week as being one...

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