Transform a Room in 3 Hours

By Kimberly Shane

Transform a Room in 3 Hours

Transform a room blogIs your home décor feeling a bit blah? If you are feeling underwhelmed by the look of your interior but lacking the time and finances to do much about it right now, the writers at are here to help you! They claim that in three hours and at very little expense you can transform a room—so instead of watching the Titanic or taking a very satisfying nap, try out some of these suggestions.

  1. Cover a small wall with a piece of removable wall paper.
  2. Switch out textiles. If you start with neutral pieces of furniture you can easily swap out rugs and pillows to create whole new looks and fill the room with personality.
  3. Paint a large piece of furniture; a book case, built ins or fireplace!
  4. Cover a sofa or chair using a slip cover.
  5. Reposition your art. Start by taking an inventory of pieces you have all over your home and start moving them around to create a new look in each space.
  6. Swap out the curtains. By adding curtains, you can tie a room together or as the weather changes you can tie the look of your curtains into matching the various seasons.

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