Transitional Porch Décor

By Morgan Saylor

We take a lot of pride in our porches. From fall through winter, festive porch design is a must. But don’t wear yourself out arranging pumpkins and gourds, just to swap them for wreaths and garlands a few weeks later. Instead, Zillow Porchlight’s Lidia Ryan walks us through creating a seamless, timeless, transitional porch design using the following elements:

Accessorize – Pick out a few pieces that are staples throughout the year, that can be dressed up according to the season.

Pumpkins – Pumpkins are a favorite for fall, but they are still relevant later on! Create a planter out of a hollow pumpkin for mums or other fall flowers. White pumpkins look great in winter, too!

Cold weather plants – Look to frost-friendly plants like flowering kale, croton, ajuga, pansies and violas, according to the zillow article.

Other items – Tree branches and “wintry scraps” as some of the best design tools, according to the article. Pine cones and birch logs make for a wonderfully wintry recipe!


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