Was your home worth the hassle?

By Kimberly Shane
Home worth the hastle blog-01There is a lot that goes into the purchase of a home. While it is incredibly exciting; it is not likely something that you will do frequently throughout your life to where it seems to be “old hat” or familiar and dull. The process of getting a mortgage takes time, energy and can be an emotional one. (Read more about the process here.) But is it all worth it? I certainly feel like it is. I love pulling up to my house on a Friday night with a weekend full of plans which all involve this home—a place where I’ve created lasting memories and am eager to form more. I found that when it comes to cleaning, I enjoy it more at my house than I did at my apartment.
I got to thinking, am I the only one who feels this way? So, I thought I’d ask around. I asked my family, friends and co-workers was buying a home worth the hassle of all the paper work and time. And why is it or why not?
Here are their answers:
“I love having the freedom to make the place mine and make changes whenever I want to.”
“The best part is the freedom of it; not having to share a wall with strangers and having our own space. Being able to make changes to the house without having to get permission.”
“There is joy and satisfaction in making your home your own—reflecting who you are. When you own your home, you are no longer subject to rent increases. I like that I am able to invest in an asset instead of paying out money to someone else’s investment.”
“Purchasing a home with my husband and knowing we are working towards owning it outright, is a huge accomplishment. And knowing we will be able to pass the house on to our daughter makes us proud. Of course, it is a pain when things break because you have to deal with it instead of calling a landlord. But if you have a bad landlord you may end up waiting on the repair.”
“I have a deeper appreciation for the house and desire to care for it more. Not having to manage a relationship with a landlord is nice. Plus, you don’t have to worry about something happening to a landlord you get along well with or them selling the property.”
“There is a difference between living in an area that is predominately home owners vs renters; your neighbors will take better care of their homes because they own it.”
“I like having more control, you don’t have to worry about your rent increasing or someone selling the building. I can paint on a whim without getting permission and can get any pet I’d like. Plus, it comes in handy, having a home as collateral for large purchases.”
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