By Kimberly Shane


Wasted food, wasted water, wasted paper, wasted plastic…. We are a society of convenience and sadly, waste, which is tough on a planet that has expendable resources. We are borrowing some tips from our friends over at the Tiny Yellow Bungalow blog on how we can start out a zero-waste lifestyle. No need to be overwhelmed, some of the steps you can take are very minimal!

  1. No Plastic Water Bottles- use a refillable container (there are some great options that will keep your water cold for long periods of time; way better than disposable plastic bottles)
  2. The same goes for Coffee. Bring a mug instead of using disposable cups (plus you get to show off your individual style this way!)
  3. Don’t use a straw unless you must—this will cut down on plastic lid usage as well! (or you could always bring your own crazy straw… what a great conversation starter)
  4. Bring your own shopping bags (Again, show off your style. Or finally have a use for all those tote bags you pick up at trade shows)
  5. Use washable dish towels instead of Paper Towels (This takes a little effort but truly dish towels were not originally intended just to be a décor item in your kitchen)
  6. In addition to your own shopping bags, you could try to use your own produce bags to avoid wasting the plastic ones with the little green ties (I’ve never seen these before but they exist)
  7. Instead of the plastic bottled liquid soap, use soap bars (besides then you can use fun essential oils to better your life or at least your smell)
  8. Use a handkerchief instead of disposable tissues (this one might be tough during flu season).
  9. Don’t just buy little bags of nuts—hit up the bulk bins at the grocery store and use reusable bulk bags or mason jars (plus that is super cute)
  10. Shop second hand instead of purchasing new (not underwear though)

There are a few more zero waste options on the blog along with links on where to find some of these products:


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