What is an Agrihood?

By Morgan Saylor

As described by Trulia blogger Michelle Hainer, an “Agrihood” are a distant cousin of the golf club communities that originated in the 90’s, except instead of having access to golfing, tennis, and a clubhouse, an “Agrihood” is designed to feature a farm, natural landscapes, locally grown produce, and eco-friendly homes.And according to the article, agrihoods are springing up all over! How do you know if an agrihood is the hood for you? Here are some features typical of an agrihood.

It’s Community Oriented – The planning of agrihoods fosters community and interaction among your neighbors. Fences are shorter, allowing for easy conversation amongst your neighbors, and all the houses have porches, with yards close enough range to speak normally with passer-bys.

Local Produce Accessibility – If you live by locally grown kale, agrihoods sometimes give residents access to “community-supported agriculture farms) with yearly fees to your choice of local, seasonal, fresh, organic produce.

Amenities fit for a Homebody – Developed agrihoods sometimes feature retailers and restaurants on-site, along with community-based activities, so you never have to go far from home for food or fun times.

Like-mindedness – Most people who live in an agrihood don’t do so by happenstance. They typically value farm life, nature, and access to organic foods and community as much as you do.

Selling is great – Hainer writes you probably won’t take a loss because agrihoods are so desirable right now.


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