What Makes Up A Mortgage Banker?

By Kimberly Shane

What makes up a Mortgage Banker?

What makes up a mortgage banker blog.jpgNot to worry, this isn’t an anatomy conversation nor is it a list of licensing requirements and continuing education classes. Instead we are going to consider what qualities make up a mortgage banker so you know what to look for when you are considering purchasing a home.

Unlike the scare crow in Wizard of Oz, mortgage bankers could not even get through a morning without a brain. A mortgage banker must know all the requirements of different loan options to determine the best fit for you. Not only do they know what loan products are available and the basic requirements of each but they can talk you through the mortgage process and advise you on what road blocks potentially lies ahead. What does this mean for you? Well, you would want to consider the reputation of that mortgage banker and the company they represent. For example, Stockton Mortgage has been in business for 16 years and in that relatively short time, they have been successful enough to grow from 9 employees to well over 100 and reaching into several states.

While a mortgage banker’s mind is incredibly important their most important feature and the one most used is their heart, as cheesy as it may sound. Stockton Mortgage Bankers, along with other great mortgage bankers, will have your best interests at heart. Their interest lies in providing a realistic amount that you prequalify for and working with you to get through the process as quickly and painlessly as possible—after all they want you to come back and work with them on the purchase of that second, third or fourth home! Trust that a good mortgage banker will get to know you and your situation to determine the best loan for you based on your individual circumstances. If they aren’t doing this for you then give Stockton a call; we have 99% customer satisfaction rating so you can trust you are in good hands.

The final feature of your mortgage banker may not be visible right off the bat but when that first gust of wind hits, you will likely see their cape flapping behind them. What are their powers? They can calm fears with reassuring experience, they can warmly guide you through what can be an ominous process and will be always just be one call away!

We want to help you achieve your dreams of homeownership for you and your family. Within each home exists laughs, endearing moments, important discussions, and memories that last a lifetime. Allow us to help get you there, give us a call today (888) 914-2276.

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