What The Wabi-Sabi?

By Kimberly Shane

What the Wabi-Sabi?

What the wabi sabi blog.jpgWhen my co-worker mentioned the word Wabi-Sabi to me, I immediately envisioned a cute little sushi counter—there is actually a restaurant in Carrolton, KY called Wabi-Sabi, we came to find out—but we are not discussing sushi today. Instead, we are discussing this Japanese tradition that looks at the beauty in imperfection. HGTV published an article that gives us ways to incorporate Wabi- Sabi into our own homes; “celebrat(ing) the imperfect beauty of nature, with all of its natural flaws and blemishes.” To incorporate this as design it, “means saying yes to imperfection, natural objects, texture and unique materials.”

To channel this philosophy into your home’s design you must first learn to be casual and unfussy, not worried about styling everything. This is reflected in the design trend of the open shelving which we have noticed hitting the scene in 2018! By keeping your shelving open, your kitchen is more concerned with function than appearance and allows you to showcase the beauty of your everyday items; the mug your son painted for you, the plate with the chipped edges from years of feeding your family, essentially, the items we no longer recognize the beauty in. 

If you are looking to add some of these design touches into your home, consider using unexpected textures in your home. In particular, use textures that are found in or mimic textures in nature—think flowing water, the grain of tree bark, the cold sleekness of stone. With that said, don’t worry about displaying items that are simply crowd pleasers. There is no need to adorn your coffee table with a book, unless it is a book that you love to look through regularly. Instead, choose to display what you love—do you collect hats? Hang them on equally spaced hooks in your foyer. Do you have a mug from everywhere you have visited? Dedicate shelves in your kitchen to these memories.

For more tips on incorporating Wabi-Sabi into your home design please visit the sourced article below. But no matter what design you choose to go with for your home, Wabi-Sabi, traditional, or simply whatever hand-me-downs you get; having confidence in your home financing will make you much more comfortable than any design philosophy could. Our mortgage bankers have a 99% satisfaction rating, give us a call today to see what we have available for new homes and for refinancing options 1 (888) 914-2276



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