When To Shop For Air Conditioning.

By Kimberly Shane

When to Shop for Air Conditioning.

Depending on what part of the country you live in, you may already be out of time, if not close to running out of time to save money on your new air conditioning system! Any way you spin it, it is going to be a big expense but why not save money while you still can?

canstockphoto5947624.jpgAnyone with common sense can determine that if the weather is cooler, you will likely be paying less for your air conditioner because demand is relatively low! However, keep in mind, most companies who install air conditioners also do heat so dead winter isn’t your best bet either! Here are a few reasons why it is best to get a new air conditioning system when the weather is mild, i.e. Spring and fall:

There are fewer buyers in the market and less work for the HVAC companies to do so they are more inclined to make a deal with you to get your business. You could even shop around and get quotes from various local businesses to see which one can give you the best price!

Giving yourself time to do research can save you money in the long run; if avoidable, don’t wait until you NEED a system to get one installed. Take into consideration the size, age and layout of your home when determining the best air conditioning unit. If you have one in place already, consider what you like and don’t like about it. Then discuss what you are looking for with your HVAC company.

Of course, there will always be emergencies that arise and trust me, paying a little more in the middle of July to have air conditioning will be worth the expense!



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