Wood Decks: The Care & Keeping Of

By Morgan Saylor

If you don’t have one, you might be looking for a home with a wood deck, or you’re considering building one. A wood deck can add great value to your home as added outdoor living space, no matter how you intend to use it (for cook outs, as a lounge area, a place to hang your hammock and nap, or all of the above).

Without proper care and keeping, you could have an eye sore. We’ve all seen faded, dirty, dilapidated wood decks that could use a little more than TLC. Stay ahead of the curb in keeping your deck looking good with Zillow’s tips for regular care:

  • Clean & dry is key – Scrub sticking debris with warm water and wood-safe oxygen bleach, then rinse, all with a low pressure power washer. Be sure your outdoor rugs or potted plants don’t hold water against the wood of your deck.
  • Sand as needed – To keep wood looking good and new, sanding a natural wood deck will remove the old, sun beaten outer layer to restore its original sheen.
  • Protect & seal – Apply sealer or sealer, stain combo once every year after cleaning. Zillow recommends using a water repellent after it dries.
  • Screws over nails – Time, weather, and water causes natural wood to swell, pushing out nail heads. It’s a good idea to use screws instead.
  • Removed & replace rot – Also replace warped wood, which you can do by cutting the blank back to the center of the joist and replacing from there, says Zillow.
  • Replace failing posts – Take a look at your posts and assess for slipping or rotting posts, which can be determined by sloping or tilting.


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