A Whole Different Animal

A Whole Different Animal

whole different animal blog.jpgBeing a millennial and working in the mortgage industry, I have grown to love reading articles that discuss why we are or are not buying homes like future generations. Everyone has an opinion about our “enigma” of a generation but the latest (and I’ve heard this before) is that we buy homes so our dogs can live happier lives. Well if that is true then this blog post is going to be super helpful for those selling to the millennial dog owners or those who want to be dog owners! 

For many, the idea of leaving their sweet little furry pup in an apartment all day without any space to run around will bring on more guilt than stealing a handful candy from a kid. Nowadays young buyers are looking for a space that their dog can live just as happily as its human parents. For many, this means that they would like a fenced in yard or at least one that is conducive to adding a fence further down the road. In fact, per an article on nbcnews.com, realtors have many clients who when seeing a house for a first time will analyze the level of happiness their dog will feel in that home. 

Pooch friendly yards are not the only thing that will help boost your home sales for this new generation of buyers. Millennials are particularly attracted to dog related amenities, according to the article mentioned above. This means that many new neighborhoods are including dog parks for their community members in the development plans. Also, builders are offering dog washing stations as an option and more folks are opting for this than ever before.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that if you are selling your home, you need to add a dog washing station, a built in doggy nook and add a fence to your open back yard. But maybe instead, just consider adding a few staging pieces that can help your future buyers see Fido’s potential happiness in your house. Take out the plant in the corner of your living room and add a dog bed. The hook that holds your broom in the pantry, maybe swap that out for a dog leash. Not only do you want the humans to see themselves there but you want them to be able to picture their dog running around (happily)!

Are you looking for a place to hang your hat and possibly, your pup’s leash? Make sure to find out what you prequalify for; just visit www.smcapproved.com and find a mortgage banker that is near you; you can work with one remotely of course but it’s kind of fun to run into them at your local Kroger! If you can’t decide on who to work with give us a call at our main number and we will put you in touch with someone!

Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/business/real-estate/one-big-reason-millennials-are-buying-homes-their-dogs-n790921