How Clean is Your Home, Really?

By Kimberly Shane
How Clean is Your Home, Really?
SMC323201Cleanliness is top of mind for most these days. But how clean is your home, really? If you’re looking to up your game during this time of much home bodying, we did a little digging into the behaviors of people who consider themselves clean freaks, and here are a few of them:
  1. They clean between commercials and during down time. No, seriously. When most of us are perusing Facebook, those obsessed with cleaning begin wiping down surfaces, dusting, and tidying up.
  2. Folks who keep crazy clean homes have a routine. It may be different every day, for example: Mondays are for laundering bedsheets, cleaning mirrors, sanitizing bathrooms, and dusting ceiling fans; Tuesdays are for scrubbing showers, sinks, and counters, plus polishing furniture, etc. They break their cleaning chores into bite size pieces and spread it out through the week.
  3. They don’t overpay for cleaning stuff. In fact, many who call cleaning their passion find more inexpensive ways to make their own cleaning products that have fewer chemicals, are more sustainable, and less harmful to the environment.
  4. Serious cleaners know when to call in the big guns. Things that tend to happen when you own a home, like mold removal and pest control. Those chores can get tricky and are best be left to professionals.
While adopting all these behaviors might be a bit much, embracing a few of these home-cleaning habits will help you keep your ship nice and tidy while we weather this storm together!

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