How to get your lawn ready for spring

By Amy Patterson

Spring is finally here! The changing of the seasons brings excitement, expectation and preparation. While excitement and expectation are the fun part, preparing for a seasonal change is the necessary part. While shopping for a new wardrobe is a super fun way to usher in the warmer weather, there are some other things that need tending to. Check out these great lawn care tips to help you enter the spring season with a beautifully landscaped lawn:Get_your_lawn_ready-01

  •          Don’t plant anything until it’s no longer below freezing at night
  •          Before working on your lawn, remove all debris
  •          Make sure your lawnmower is warmed up and prepared to tackle the season
  •          Sprinkle top soil over uneven areas – the grass will eventually grow through it
  •          When mowing - only take 1/3 of your grass’s current length off the first time
  •          Once you’ve mowed a second time, it’s time to start fertilizing
  •          Begin your fertilizing cycle
  •          Begin planting your flowerbeds and any vegetables
  •          Enjoy!

Lawn care evolves every season, so check back with us before summer to get the next check list! 

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