Revamp Your Home & Hobbies

By Morgan Saylor

Just because your retired doesn’t mean it’s time to watch your wallpaper peel. By all means, relax and take the time you need to rest because you’ve most certainly earned it – and reconsider those burning passions you set aside while you were slaving away from eight to five.

Zillow has some tips for you on how to rebuild, renovate, revamp and reorganize your home to accommodate your new, retired lifestyle to make way for a blaze of rekindled hobbies! But let’s face it, even if you’re not retiring, it’s good to incorporate hobbies into your everyday lifestyle.

Rebuild – Put together a reading nook with a comfy couch or chair, a library of your favorites and some new ones you’ve never gotten around to but now you have ample time for, and of course, good lighting!

Renovate – Change up your garage space to suit your hobby life, if it’s with a workbench and tools, saws, and the works; again, not forgetting plenty of overhead lighting and storage for no stumbling.

Revamp – Spoil yourself in the kitchen by investing in some new cooking and bake ware. Tracy Layden advises buying lightweight pots and pans and pick up a good timer for perfect pies every time.

Reorganize – Organization is key to any craft, and such is the case for the perfect crafting space. Convert an unused room into a craft room with a standing table to ease back strain and make everything easy to reach, well organized, and accessible.

For more tips from Layden on revamping your home for hobbies after retirement, check out her blog here


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