Savvy Money Saving Tips for a Down Payment

By Sarah Solheim
sAVVY money saving tips blog-01In today’s economy, it’s harder than ever for renters to save up the money that they would need for a down payment on a new home. Luckily, there is a whole bundle of ways to become more money savvy! Here are my top 5 simple ways to save money for the down payment on your first home!
See a penny, pick it up! How often do you find a small handful of change when you clean your house, car or even your purse/wallet? Save it! Put it in a jar and fill that jar to the brim! For those that choose not to carry cash, some banks offer special savings accounts that will save your change for you every time you use your debit card! You would be amazed by how quickly those coins can add up.
Open that cookbook that has been collecting dust on the shelf and hone in on your cooking abilities! Take a break from fast food and look through the coupons that are sent to you from your local grocery store. Not only is it cheaper to cook for yourself, it’s healthier! Don’t be afraid of having leftovers either! You can take them for your lunch the next day or even spice them up to create an entirely different
meal for dinner another night!
Have a yard sale! If you are anything like me your probably have a closet that is overflowing with clothes that you haven’t worn in well over a year, if not longer or ever for that matter… I follow a rule in my house now that if I haven’t worn it or used it in over a year then it has got to go. One woman’s wardrobe of clothes with tags still on them may be another woman’s bargain find! This doesn’t just apply to your clothing, it also applies to the books you have sitting around, kitchen tools that you no longer use and even your old movies or CDs!
Stop paying that expensive cable bill!  There are probably only a few channels that you watch to see your favorite shows and movies. With the television streaming technology that is out today, there really isn’t any use in paying the high prices for cable television anymore. Netflix, Hulu, Firestick and Sling, just to name a few, have nearly anything that you could possibly want to watch, and you could save hundreds of dollars a year by using them. And if you enjoy watching local channels, you can buy an inexpensive antenna ($20-$35), set it up in a few minutes, and start watching them.
Limit the number of costly leisure activities that you partake in. Instead, go online to search for the free local events going on in your city! You could come across festivals, concerts or even movie nights that won’t cost you a dime. You can also search for opportunities to volunteer at the humane society or the soup kitchen. Just think, you can spend your weekend snuggling an adorable puppy or kitten, at no cost to you!
Saving your money can be tough. Trust me, I know. However, just keep in mind all that you will gain by living frugally until you finally saved money that it will take for you to close on your home. Try to adopt these easy habits and you will be moving on to bigger and better things sooner than you ever thought was possible.
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