Outside Warning Signs

By Morgan Saylor

Buying a house is a huge investment, which is why you might consider having any potential purchase inspected by a professional. There are a few things you can and should look for when shopping for a new home, says

Trees – Keeping an eye on the distance from a tree and the house is important for a multitude of reasons, including roots, which can create issues with the foundation of the home, and branches, which can cause physical damage to a home if they fall, and create easy access from rodents and other pests.

Cracks – Cracks in concrete patios, foundations, and walls can be cause for concern – or not. It’s a good idea to get these things checked out by a professional.

Pool – If you’re not familiar with pool upkeep and the home you’re eyeing has one, recommends having a pool company do an inspection, but to inquire about the age of the liner or gunite, whether or not it’s been resurfaced, and the age of the pool’s equipment.

If something surfaces in your search, don’t give up – many sellers are willing to fix issues if it helps them close quicker!

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