Putting the “Fab” in Pre-Fab

By Kimberly Shane

Putting the “Fab” in Pre-Fab

Putting fab in prefab blog.jpg“Turn onto a street in the Cottage Home neighborhood of Indianapolis, and you might think you’ve wandered into a hipster colony on the West Coast. A group of prefab, ultramodern builds has made a colorful splash in a landscape filled with ranch-style homes.” This quote, from, sums it up perfectly! Seeing the bright colors bouncing off the siding and the square design of these homes certainly make them stand out in a typical suburban neighborhood.

These beauties are the brain child of Ursula David, owner of Indy Mod Homes. Prior to creating these modern homes, David had been building large traditional homes in the suburbs for over a decade. David says when speaking about why she loves prefabricated homes, “unlike dealing with a construction project outside in the elements, building on a factory floor has benefits: The materials are never rained on, the workers are safer, and less trash is generated.” Her first prefabricated home was her own which she built in 2012. The construction of these homes is unique in that the majority of the building takes place inside a factory then the pieces are delivered via trailer to the location of the home. The trailer is unloaded by a crane, where the pieces of the home are placed on a slab foundation. It takes her crew about 45 days to wind up with a fully finished product.

To find out more about David’s company please check out the sourced article below from Did you know that Stockton Mortgage provides financing for prefabricated homes? To find out more information, contact our construction to permanent loan specialist. David Willoughby.


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