Pajama Lounges And Our 203k Loans.

By Kimberly Shane
Simple to Stunning: Pajama Lounges
simple to stunning pajamas.jpgYou know how when you have had a rough day and you are feeling like a “four” (let me explain, on good days you are a 10 but some days you just walk around feeling like a 4); all you want to do is crawl in bed and hide from the outside world? But you don’t because you are an adult, you are not sick and you can power through your rotten day. But what if I told you that people are finding a socially acceptable place to hide when they have their less than stellar days or simply just want a cozy place to curl up with their favorite book or movie? The solution: Pajama Lounges.
These rooms are not the living room where you host your friends and family or where the family traffic exists. This is separate space all to yourself, complete with your favorite items and built just for your comfort—no one else’s. According to the article on, “’A pajama lounge is basically a casual living room that’s usually found upstairs near the residence’s bedrooms,’ explains Paul Fischman, principal designer at Choeff Levy Fischman in Miami. ‘They’re designed to be a place where the family can gather and hang out away from the high-traffic areas of the home.’”
It seems to me that this space becomes a second hang out area to retreat to when the living room is in use or the formality of that living space just seems to be too much! If you are considering a renovation in your home, consider adding a pajama lounge, also consider applying for our FHA 203K rehab loan. To do this, apply online on our homepage by pressing the "Apply Now" button.

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