Small Staycation Projects

By Morgan Saylor

So burning up your vacation days, working on home improvement projects may not sound like fun, but hear me out: taking the time to check off much-needed home maintenance items from your to-do list can help you relax for the remainder of your summer, and add value to your home as well!

Zillow Porchlight has a few suggestions about, if you have the option to choose, some of the fastest, easiest DIY projects you should go for during your “staycation”.

They go as follows:
Interior trim painting – Open up your windows and go to town on your baseboards, trim, and molding. This is a great alternative to completely repainting an entire room, and you’ll be surprised how a touch up on trim will make your walls pop!

Build a fire pit – Not a huge landscaping task, but it’s one that will make a huge impact on your backyard. Check out the how-to we found on making your own fire pit here

Driveway resurfacing – Time and weathering can do a number on your driveway. Zillow says to pressure-wash, patch, and then mix a semi-liquid resurfacing product that you can apply via squeegee to protect your driveway from damage and keep it looking spiffy.

Garage organization – Whether your garage is littered with totes or tools, install shelving, wall brackets, suspended shelves or pegboards to get your garage in good working order again!

Replace window screens – If your window screens have seen better days, swap them out. This simple update should help decrease intruding insects in your home.


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