Tips For Spring Cleaning.

By Kimberly Shane

Tips for Spring Cleaning

Ahhhh… It’s that time of year again. Open the windows. Let in the fresh air. Then immediately see all the dust leap off the surfaces and swirl in front of your face. Can’t a person just enjoy the change in season without having to be reminded of the new list of chores that comes with it? Don’t we wish?! Here are a few tips to make your spring cleaning a bit easier:


Load up your Dishwasher. This appliance is good for more than just cleaning your daily dishes. Fill it up with plastic toys (ones without an electrical component), light fixture globes, toothbrush holders and pet dishes/toys.

Avoid Window Streaks. Wait for an overcast day to wash your windows. Direct sunlight can cause your window cleaner to dry before you can wipe it off which is more likely to give you streaks.

Collect Pet Hair. Forget the lint brush or roller; this task is made easier with traditional rubber gloves. Throw these on, dampen them and wipe off your upholstery and drapes to make them fur free!

Get Under the Sheets. No, we aren’t talking about nap time just yet! Spring is the perfect time to revive your mattress. Use your vacuum’s upholstery tool to clean the tops and sides by pressing firmly (you may need the crevice tool, as well). Then using a mild upholstery cleaner, spot clean the stains. Let the mattress fully dry then sanitize with a disinfectant spray.

Most important tip: Don’t forget to enjoy your hard work and the mild spring weather!



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