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By Morgan Saylor On April 8, 2016

Mortgage Acronyms 101

When you go to apply for a mortgage in the first step to becoming a home owner, you may feel like you’ve been dropped off into...

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Student loan debt is a hurdle facing many millennials as they become interested in becoming first-time homebuyers. But is it a...

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By Morgan Saylor On March 29, 2016

Today’s Homebuyer

Thanks to an infographic based on a recent report from Chase Mortgage Banking, “Insights from the Mind of the Modern...

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By Morgan Saylor On March 24, 2016

Owning Your Vacay Spot

Lots of people are considering what it takes to own a second home – a cabin in the woods, a condo on the beach. Whatever your...

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There’s more good news for the housing market after last week brought with it a drop in America’s negative equity rate. The...

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By Amy Patterson On September 9, 2015

Small Dip Prompts Big Boost

Last week, the housing market proved that even the slightest change could make a huge difference in the number of Americans...

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