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Get Your Move On!

Posted by Kimberly Shane on 8/10/17 6:50 AM

Get your move on blog.jpgGet Your Move On!

…I like to move it! Move it!...

…I like the way you move, I like the way you move…

…Moving on up. Moving on up, to the east side…

…There’s something in the way she moves…

…Workin' on our night moves…

I wanted to give you a head start on your moving play list for your mix tape because let’s be honest, other than the pizza and possibly beer at the end of the day—this playlist might be the most enjoyable part of the whole moving-day experience! But not to worry, we want to do our best to give you all our tips and tricks for a successful moving day (don’t worry, they are better than my song suggestions). 

Before you start to pack your first box, you need to know the most important rule: Get Organized! BEWARE: Without great organization—you are doooooomed!!!! Okay, maybe not doomed. But you will be more stressed than you need to be. We help guide you through this process starting 30 days out from your moving day and take you all the way to your first day in your new home. This guide acts as a checklist that when followed will give you the greatest reward… no, not more pizza and beer… a stress-free move!

To get a copy of this guide; give us a call and we will send you one; 1-888-914-2276

…Come on, everybody get your move on… (I can’t help myself)


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