Does Your Thermostat Do This?

By Kimberly Shane

Does your Thermostat do this?

Homes are getting smarter and this includes Thermostats. These thermostats help reduce energy waste which in turns reduces your energy costs. There are various models out there to pick from. Many of them monitor the weather outside and adjust the heating/cooling in your home accordingly. Most can detect if someone is home, keeping its occupants comfortable when they are home and saving the homeowner money when they aren’t. The Ecobee3 can even detect which rooms are occupied and adjust accordingly, now that’s smart! 

Does your thermostat do this blog.jpgAnother cool little thermostat is the Sensi. It is designed to work with practically any heating system; gas, oil, geothermal, heat pump and radiant heating. This one can be controlled from your phone using the companion app, a remote control that comes with it or voice controlled using Alexa technology. The Honeywell Touchscreen Thermostat even tells you what the humidity level is…. Ladies, that means that we can know what kind of hair day we can expect by looking at the thermostat. This will save you from blow drying and straightening your hair just to put it in a bun. I could get behind this thermostat.

There are a few more of these thermostats mentioned in the article 5 of the Best Smart Thermostats . Per that article, one of the thermostat companies reported that they reduce the average homeowner’s energy bill by 23%. Do you need a home for your thermostat? Apply for a loan today and see how much house you can afford; use this link:


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