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Does your Thermostat do this?

Homes are getting smarter and this includes Thermostats. These thermostats help reduce energy...

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Tags: Air Conditioner, cost-efficiency, energy efficiency,

By Morgan Saylor On October 11, 2016

Tiny House, Big Cost

Tiny homes have been touted as having a low living cost associated with it – but what’s the true cost of tiny life?

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Tags: cost-efficiency, tiny homes

By Morgan Saylor On April 19, 2016

Appliances Lifespan

If you’ve purchased a home, you may have inherited some appliances along with it. Knowing approximately when those appliances...

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Tags: Home, Maintenance, Home Maintenance,

Are you looking to kick up the green initiatives around your house? More than a way to save the Earth, going green is a great...

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