How to Break Up with Your Landlord

Breakup with your landlord blogYou’ve done it! You have decided to buy a home and stop renting! So now what? How exactly do you go about breaking up with your landlord? Leave a post it note on their door? Send a well-crafted text message? Just say, “It’s not you, it’s me”? While these are all viable break up options… although not recommended, they are not to be considered when breaking up with your landlord. As a renter, you entered into a contract with your landlord so if you are ending the relationship before the contract dictates then you are breaking the contract. So really what is most important when breaking up with your landlord and moving out is the timing.
When considering your timing for moving out, review the lease agreement to ensure your timing lines up with the lease requirements. It may be a matter of just choosing not to renew your lease or you may be breaking your lease early; either way, making sure you know what is expected of you will help make this break up easier.
When notifying your landlord, it is best to send a letter via email or mail; check to see if the preferred delivery method is stated in the lease agreement. A long, over-the-top letter with flowery language isn’t necessary but this would be a good time to thank your landlord for their care they showed the property as well as caring for their tenants. On the letter, be sure to include the date that it was written as well as your target “move out” date. Also, once completed, keep a copy of the letter for your records should any discrepancies arise. 
Another important step is to ensure you have found the best lender for your home financing. This is an easy one, simply contact your local Stockton Mortgage Branch and we will get you squared away! If you still have some questions about the homebuying process visit our page to learn more about what to expect and what is required.
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