Limited Time: Down Payment Assistance in Kentucky Counties

By Kimberly Shane
Limited Time: Down Payment Assistance in Kentucky Counties
LIMITED TIMEThe Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) announced yesterday that they would be issuing another round of hardest hit funds to their down payment assistance program. The last time the hardest hit fund (HHF) was released, we witnessed firsthand the benefit that many experienced. We assisted more than 20 families in Jefferson County achieve their goal of homeownership because of these funds. Several of these families had been working towards owning a home by trying to save up funds but the “finish line” seemed far off. However, with the assistance of the HHF money they were reenergized to reach that finish line!
A total of $6 million is available (limited to $10,000 per borrower) and is offered on a first come, first serve basis (based on the completion of the first mortgage and HHF DAP Reservations). If you are a first-time home buyer looking in Christian, Hardin, Jefferson, or Kenton Counties in Kentucky, contact your local mortgage banker to reserve your spot!

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