Spice up your summer with pops of color

By Amy Patterson

Summer is: bright, hot, wonderful, sunny – just to name a few…so why shouldn’t your home be too? Well, just in time for summer, we’ve compiled a list of color pop trends you just have to try. And your home, guests and budget will thank you for it.

  1. Chevron and coral – This combination is perfect. This black Chevron rug – which could probably be pretty harsh on its own – is softened by light, billowy, drapes and subtle, matching hints of coral accents in this otherwise very neutral room. Get the look, here! Photo: Darling Daly Designcolorpop1
  2. Black and yellow – Not the song, or the insect, but the look. Check out this amazing gray and white room with tiny pops of yellow. While this look is amazing, notice that there are only two elements in the room that are yellow…any more than that and you may find that your space looks a little bit like a bumblebee. Photo: Arts & Classycolorpop2
  3. White with color – This white-walled room is only completed by the accents of bright pink and turquoise accents. While the idea of an all-white bedroom may bore you to tears, the results of having a well done all-white bedroom that utilizes accent colors, is one to be desired. Photo: Mobile Bay Magazine colorpop3

But the best part is – all of these can be changed with a simple trip to your local home store and about 10 minutes. The thing we love about these trends is that they are totally customizable, and, while there’s something to be said for having bright walls, keep in mind that by sticking to white, gray or other neutrals on your walls, you’ll have more space (and budget) to play with different accent colors. The rooms above could easily be swapped every season for a more fitting accent color of style. 

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