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We help people buy houses so they can create a home. Here we share more than mortgage finance tips (although we do that too); we aim to help you make your house a home through DIY projects, pet care, hosting tips, yard maintenance and much more!

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From the time you start an application to the time you arrive at the closing table—it can take 30, 60, 90 days or more but why...

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Hearing that your loan has been cleared to close is that light at the end of the tunnel! There are so many factors that go into...

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Clear to Close… now what?

My boss recently tasked our team with creating Mortgage Comics. Yes, a newspaper style comic like...

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By Morgan Saylor On January 3, 2017

The Closing Day Wait

The journey to closing a mortgage loan can vary greatly for everyone. Depending on your financial situation, your credit...

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Although we’ve done a lot to de-mystify closing costs with our Understanding TRID guide, you may be curious about what to expect...

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By Morgan Saylor On May 13, 2016

Escrow 101

What is escrow? One of those interesting terms to cut your teeth on in the world of property acquisition – escrow is something...

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