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On Your Wishlist: For Your Kitchen

Rental kitchens, all of them leave something to be desired—style, space, or storage—and...

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Tags: Kitchen, Home Decor, Home Maintenance

By Kimberly Shane On July 7, 2017

The Blue Kitchen

The Blue Kitchen

Is your kitchen giving you the blues? What about dressing it up with a little color? I’m not recommending that...

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Tags: Interior Design, Kitchen, Home Decor,

The secret to a good looking kitchen: organization! Okay – that’s kind of a lame secret, I know. But here’s the kicker: Laura...

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Tags: organize, Kitchen, countertops,

We just learned that May is the month to sell your home, and if you’re prepping to sell your home now you will want to up your...

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Tags: Frankfort, Kitchen, Lighting,

By Morgan Saylor On October 21, 2016

DIY Sink Scrub

Nothing stinks worse than a scuzzy sink. If you’re sick at your sink, there’s a quick, do-it-yourself fix that will have it in...

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Tags: DIY, Cleaning, Easy,

By Morgan Saylor On August 24, 2016

The Blue Kitchen

Picasso had a blue period, but you don’t have to be a 20th century Cubist artist to appreciate blue kitchen design.

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