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What Is Mortgage Insurance?

What is Mortgage Insurance?

When buying a home there seems to be a list of fees and costs associated with the actual home purchase price—appraisal costs, home inspection fees, recording fees—today...

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Don’t-Miss Tax Breaks

It may be a bit soon in your book to start talking about taxes - but each year, some tax breaks for home buyers and sellers expire.

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Tips to a Lower Mortgage Payment

Feeling totally crushed under your mortgage payments is for the birds.

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Mortgage Acronyms 101

When you go to apply for a mortgage in the first step to becoming a home owner, you may feel like you’ve been dropped off into some remote land where the language is alien to you. You are not...

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Many lenders advertise ways for you to avoid PMI, but why? We’re here to cover some questions about PMI, and show you the other side of the debate.

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