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Prepare For A Tornado

Prepare for a Tornado

Growing up in Tornado Alley, we almost became accustomed to hearing the word tornado watch daily in the spring. These destructive forces do not provide much warning,...

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The Cul-de-Sac Defined

A Cul-de-Sac is more than just a fancy word for a dead-end street.

The term is French and originates from the etymology meaning “bottom of a sack”, writes Matt Christensen via Beyond...

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How You Lead Burglars to Your Home

Julie Ryan Evans writes for on habits most people have, that lead burglars to their home. Social media apps have gotten savvier, and so have burglars.

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Burglar-Repellent Home

Yesterday we wrote about securing your smart home devices – however, securing your physical home is just as important.

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Smart Home Security

In the wake of the recent DDoS attack, cyber security is on the forefront of everyone’s minds. According to news coverage surrounding the attacks, hackers used DVRs and cameras connected to Wi-Fi...

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CO Proofing

As we transition into cooler temps during fall, new homeowners may wonder if they’re at an increased safety risk with carbon monoxide.

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Water Damage Control

Water damage is a huge deal if you’re a homeowner, and contending with it can be costly.

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Moving & Identity Theft

As if moving isn’t stressful enough, know that moving can make you vulnerable to identity theft if you don’t take measures to protect against it.

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SMC Hosts Carl Carter Jr: Memories of Slain Mother Prompt Industry Safety Change

Stockton Mortgage Corporation hosted Carl Carter Jr. in three SMC markets last week to discuss with realtors and real estate agents the issue of safety through the telling of his own personal...

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DIY Home safety Easy hacks key locks

Key Saver Hack

We’ve all been there – locked outside of our homes, peering in through windows, peeking through blinds, hoping for some magic solution to the dilemma of gaining entry to our homes. The solution...

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