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Prepare For A Tornado

Prepare for a Tornado

Growing up in Tornado Alley, we almost became accustomed to hearing the word tornado watch daily in the spring. These destructive forces do not provide much warning,...

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May Flowers

April showers bring May flowers; at least that is what they say.  We would all like to think that now we can look forward to the many months full of sun and beautiful gardens. However, the truth...

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Top 5 Winter Insurance Claims (And How to Prevent Them)

Wintertime is a season to enjoy blankets of fluffy snow, warmth by the fire and, if you’re a homeowner, avoid the damage snow, wind, sleet, and all that winter weather brings with it!

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Common Home Damages

As a home owner, you are most concerned about damages to your home. As much as we try to prepare for the worst, it’s good to know what home owners around the country are experiencing the most in...

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