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By Morgan Saylor On October 18, 2016

Tech Color Trends

The smart home era is upon us, and along with the trendiness of the tech is the color of the devices themselves – which are now...

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By Morgan Saylor On September 21, 2016

Greige: The New Grey

Color trends can be hard to keep up with, and sometimes you’re still in love with the last color when the new trend roles in and,...

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Chances are you’ve seen them everywhere, and perhaps you’ve wondered, “What’s up with all this pineapple business?”. Pineapples...

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It looks like wood, but it’s actually tile – plank tile flooring is all the rage when it comes to kitchen and bathroom tile...

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By Amy Patterson On December 30, 2015


Bamboo gives us a great vacation feeling while putting off a contemporary, fun vibe. It's versatile, environmentally friendly and...

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By Amy Patterson On December 16, 2015


According to recent trends on Pinterest, frames are for much more than just pictures – in fact, frames can even act as stand...

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