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De-Moth Your Closet (Naturally)

Being a fan of natural fibers often means your closet doubles as a pantry for moths. If you’ve never pulled your favorite cashmere sweater out to find a smattering of holes – consider yourself...

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DIY Home closet door how-to

Million Dollar Doors

We don’t all have a dream closet, stuffed with shoes, bags, and the latest fashions from Europe – but there’s no reason your closet doors shouldn’t give the impression.

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Home Spring closet organize Cleaning how-to

Spring Cleaning 101

At least once a year, we are all called to dive head first into our closets, studies, and everywhere else we tend to collect clutter and purge the unnecessary. This ritual is referred to by most...

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DIY Homeowners Home Value closet Pinterest build dressing room organize spare room

Convert that spare room into a Pinterest worthy closet...for under $200

How nice would it be to just grab your morning coffee and spend some extra time perusing your well laid out wardrobe options, carefully mixing and pairing a complete outfit in your own celeb-worthy...

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