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DIY Natural Wasp Repellent

Sitting under my gazebo on the first warm, spring day in our semi-new home (we closed last fall, so this is our first spring in our new digs!), I was admiring the view of the neighborhood, the...

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De-Moth Your Closet (Naturally)

Being a fan of natural fibers often means your closet doubles as a pantry for moths. If you’ve never pulled your favorite cashmere sweater out to find a smattering of holes – consider yourself...

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Buyer Turn-Offs

Selling your home in the next year? Now is the time to prepare your home for selling in the upcoming spring.

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Bats, Rats & Spiders

Have bats, rats, or spiders taking up residence in your house? You might feel like you’ve stepped into a real life horror movie. Don’t settle in with them - here's how to evict creepy critters.

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Green Pesticides Alternatives

There are a few ways to combat pests naturally, without sacrificing the plants you’ve worked so lovingly to nurture and grow! gives numerous tips on how to keep pests at bay by keeping an...

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Critters & Chaos

Who doesn’t dream about having a lush yard filled with vegetation for rabbits, fawns, and all manner of furry, Snow White-esque friends to nibble and frolic? What this image doesn’t depict is the...

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