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20% Down Payment… Says Who?

20% Down Payment… Says Who? 

In a world where we rely on credit to get what we want; having to save for a down payment on a home almost seems foreign. Especially when it comes to your first home,...

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Mortgage payments help financial crisis financial security

Mortgage Payments & How to Deal

Getting off track happens for a variety of reasons. Skipping a mortgage payment with hopes of catching up later is tempting to some.

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Mortgage Refinance PMI refi monthly payment mortgage payment

Tips to a Lower Mortgage Payment

Feeling totally crushed under your mortgage payments is for the birds.

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Mortgage First Time Home Buyers Mortgage Market homebuying mortgage rates

Homebuying Affordability Increases

Thanks in part to income increases and lower mortgage rates, it’s more affordable to be a homeowner in most markets nationwide, according to an article on

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Loans Mortgage Home Loans Home Buyer how-to down payment home buying mortgage math monthly payment

Mortgage Math Explained

If math frighten you, as it does many people, don’t let it deter you from the goal of home ownership.

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Mortgage Rates Refinance mortgage news Mortgage Market refi home buying

Brexit Mortgage Rates Explained

It’s been blasted across the news, airwaves, and through social media, and we now know that the Brexit has resulted in record low rates for thirty-year mortgages – but what does it really mean?

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